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Welcome to Launch

We’re excited you’re here! 


Launch was born out of a single question: If better is possible, is good, good enough? 


If you’ve asked yourself this question (or something similar), and that small voice whispers “there is something more for you”, you’ve come to the right place. At Launch, we are here to help you build a thriving life.


What is a thriving life? A life anchored in your strengths and values, built on the foundation of courage, vulnerability, trust and hope. Courage to dream big, vulnerability to look at your life in the here and now, trust that something bigger is waiting for you and hope that it will all come true. 


Through our workshops, coaching, we partner with individuals to design their best life, one small shift at a time. Grounded in evidence-based approaches and positive psychology, we support individuals to make meaningful and lasting change. 


Curious to learn more? Start here!

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