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  • Your name confuses me. What does Launch Atelier mean?
    Great question! Launch: To start or set in motion Atelier: French word for "workshop" Thriving is not something that happens to us. It's not something that we wake up with one day or are magically gifted. To thrive means that we intentionally find ways to show up in a space of energy, growth and radiance. Thriving is the act of designing action, taking action and learning from those actions. When I think of the word workshop I think of a place of fun, energy, learning and growth. This is exactly what I want this site to be. Launch Atelier is the "workshop" where you get to set in motion your own version of thriving. Through the tools and resources found here, you too will be able to expand your knowledge of thriving and embed these practices into your own life.
  • Why focus on thriving at work and at home?
    Have you ever heard the phrase "Wherever you go, there you are"? Whether at work or at home, you are the same person. It is true that some aspects of who you are might be dialed up or dialed down depending on the contex, you are you - no matter what environment you find yourself. Focusing on the whole-self if integral to thriving. When we thrive at work, we thrive at home and vice versa. It's important to talk about it all.
  • What does it mean to thrive?
    According to the research in positive psychology, thriving is the intersection of vitality (energy and aliveness) and learning (growth and development). Essentially, when we feel connected to something at an energetic level and are learning in the process, we thrive.
  • Where do you source your information?
    I love collecting information and then sharing it with others to enhance their lives. This means that I source information in a variety of ways including: 1. Peer-reviewed journal articles, like the Academy of Management Journal (yes, I'm a giant nerd!) 2. Leading industry journals, like Harvard Business Review 3. Personal experiences & the experiences of those around me As a trained researcher and academic, citing all sources is important. If you have any questions about where something came from, and you cannot find the source, feel free to reach out.
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