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Hi - welcome to Launch!

I am Julie Jenkins, founder and lead designer here at Launch Atelier. Lovely to meet you.

The seeds of Launch were planted many years ago as I found myself at the intersection of lost and confused. Up until that point, I'd been feverishly working to build a life that I was excited about. The life I had pictured in my mind: A career I loved, a home to call my own, a loving partner, 2.5 kids (only kidding - kind of...) . In my quest to have that life, the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be keep widening. My frustration gave way to anger and resentment and it wasn't until I came back to my foundation - me at my best - that I was able to start to rebuilt and design the life I wanted.


The heart of launch is about helping you launch (or perhaps relaunch) yourself in the direction of your dreams. In the same way that everyone is unique, so too will be your launch. It's about tapping into the heart of you - your strengths and values - and thoughtfully designing steps that move you closer to where you want to be.


Your launch maybe be a new career, deciding what neighbourhood to live in, or reconnecting with your partner. Whatever you launch looks like, I can promise you that the more its anchored in the best of you, the better the outcomes will be. 

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