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Thrive Life


Launch Lab's Presents:

March 4 - 25, 2021

Feeling stuck in situations that suck - having to do too much with not enough -

is sadly a common experience.




What if there was a different way to move forward?  

A way to move with ease and hope?

Positive psychology research demonstrates that it’s small shifts, intentionally made over time, that lead to the biggest outcomes. When we courageously decide where we want to be and take small meaningful steps to get there, the change is exponential. 

In March 2021 we will be launching our signature program, called Thrive Life. This virtual 4-week course will help you discover new insights about yourself, your hopes and dreams for the future and tangible shifts to help you get there. Built from the research in positive psychology, each week we will be diving into a new topic area. Each topic builds on the last, ending in the design of meaningful action steps and a path forward.

week 01 / Remember

Anchored in values and strengths, it all starts with remembering who you are when you’re at your best. 

week 02 / Reflect

A honest look at where you are today and your current reality.  It's hard to know how far we've come if we don't know where we started. 

week 03 / Dream

Where do you want to be in the future? You get to decide what this future looks like and how far out onto the horizon you want to travel.

week 04 / Do

Build your own personal road map for building that dream. What small shift can you make today that will positively impact your future?

This workshop will give you:

  • The tools and resources needed to design your best life with intention and courage.

  • New insights into who you are when you are your best

  • A safe space to gain new insights about yourself

  • Science=backed methods for building a thriving life


This course is about rediscovering the best of who you are, what gives you life and energy  and learning how you can intentionally design a life of purpose around this. 

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